Pays d’Auge aera


The postcard of Normandy

This natural area situated in the east of Calvados deparment (county) and that slightly stretches over Eure department, concentrates all the images of Normandy: charming timber-framed houses, Norman cows grazing peacefully the verdant grass under apple trees in bloom.

The growing of apples generates a not inconsiderable activity like the production of cider, of apple brandy (calvados) and of apple aperitif (pommeau).

Photo : J.F.  Lefevre  - 93.9 ko

Photo : J.F. Lefevre

The green pastures have still made of this spot of Normandy a speciality of the bovine breeding. The popular Norman cow has been bred for its qualities as both a butcher and a milker. Its milk is the root of the "Norman Trinity": livarot, pont-l'Èvêque and camembert cheeses, all of them made in the Pays d'Auge area.

Photo : E.  Bénard - 108.3 ko

Photo : E. Bénard

This area is also indissociably linked to the breeding of competitive and leisure horses. The Pays d'Auge area has one of highest density of stud farms in the world where many champions were born and bred.

Photo : H.  Guermonprez - 78.8 ko

Photo : H. Guermonprez

It is also reputed for the discreet charm of its manor houses. Most of the time built of half-timbers and tiles, the manor house is the lord's residence where he lives with his family. The Pays d'Auge area offers arrange unique in France where the use of wood was so intense.

Photo : G.  Rigoulet  - 59 ko

Photo : G. Rigoulet


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